The Effect of Self-Efficacy, Trust and Lifestyle on Intention to Use Digital Financial Transaction Service


Credit Photo: Fintech —
Credit Photo: Fintech —

Author: Jumardi

Published: European Alliance For Innovation (EAI) Journal

Publication Year: 2020

Abstract. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has produced many advances in the field of technology, one of the latest technologies in finance called theFinancial Technology.This study aims to examine and analyze the influences of self-efficacy, trustand lifestyle on the intention to use digital financial transaction services on Go-Pay. The research design was non-experimentalandresearch type was explanatory research or hypothesis testing. Data analysisusing exploratory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. This studyresultindicated thatself-efficacy, trust and lifestyle has significant effect onthe intention to use digital financial transaction services.These findings propose that behavioral factors such as self-efficacy, trust and lifestyle users can provide a useful understanding and framework to digital financial service providers regarding aspects of services that must be improvedin implementing digital financial transaction services, in order to be able to encourage and increase the intensity of e-payment usage.

Keywords: Self-efficacy, trust, lifestyle, intention to use, Go-Pay, financial technology.

Read more at the link below or DOI 10.4108/eai.25-10-2019.2295388

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